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  Custom gun dog training Waterfowl - Upland - Obedience


 * APLA test training for Pointing Labradors.

 * AKC hunt test training for pointing and retrieving breeds.

 * Pre- Training evaluations.

 * Trained dogs for sale (when available)

 * Stud dog service

 * AKC registered puppies (when available)

 * Pick up and delivery service to Kansas City International airport (fees apply)                   Annie Lindsay

 * Canine behavioral consultation


We have dogs flown in to Kansas City International Airport from all corners of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska on a regular basis. We occasionally even get dogs from several foreign countries. (All costs and flight arrangements are the responsibility of the owner.)


Pick up or delivery service fees to Kansas City International apply ....currently $30 each way.

All dogs that are flown out of MCI airport, after training, must be paid in full before shipping out.

Two weeks advance payment is due at time of check in. Payment is then due every 30 days.


Health certificate and current vaccination records must accompany your dog.


Canine Vaccination Requirements: click here                                                                  Gift certificatesavailable here!


Long term dogs should have monthly medications taped to their airline crate, or mailed directly to the kennel.

**** Pre-training, initial evaluations are recommended on dogs that will be coming in for training. They can be done at the ages of 4 months, 5 months, and again at 6 months to determine natural skills, pre-work needed, and maturity level, etc, for $20 per session. These monthly pre- training sessions should take no more than 30 to 45 minutes, and are done weekdays, and also on Saturday mornings by appointment only.


Training evaluation.... $20.00 cash per monthly visit






$100.00 per week.


Depending on the dog and taking into consideration any special work that is requested, times will vary as to how long the dog will need to be in training.


Dogs are worked on: Heel- Sit/ Stay - Here/Come - Down - Voice and whistle commands.


UPLAND DOGS ( Pointers, Setters, Britts, GSPs, etc)

(Boarding, while the dog is being trained, is included at no charge in the cost of training.)


$100.00 for dogs requiring normal care


Additional charge for game birds used.

$3.50 -$4.50 average price on Quail.

Pheasants at current market rate.

No charge for Pigeons used.

You pay only our cost price. No profit is made on the birds that are used.

(Bird cost is not included in the monthly training fee, as the amount of birds used will differ from dog to dog.)

We recommend that you always bring a whistle with you in case we are doing field work. We use the Acme Thunderer size 560 which is a high pitch whistle.

WATERFOWL DOGS ( Labs, Chessies, Goldens etc.)

(Boarding, while the dog is being trained, is included at no charge in the cost of training.)


$100.00 per week... for dogs requiring normal care.

$1.00 per day additional for dogs that are "HARD TO KEEP"**, or dogs requiring daily medication.**


Pheasants/ Ducks at current market price.

We recommend that you always bring a whistle and a duck call with you in case we are doing field/ water work. We use the Acme Thunderer size 560 which is a medium to higher pitch whistle.


** HARD TO KEEP dogs are dogs that are destructive to pens or kennel equipment, have abnormally dirty waste habits in their pen, (which requires substantially more water, sanitizer, and cleaning time), excessive barkers, or dogs that require daily medication.


Dogs will be evaluated and classified normal keep or Hard to Keep at the end of their first week.





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