"At Cerda-Fied Gundogs, we treat your dog like one of our own".

- Jon Cerda, Cerda-Fied Gundogs



We have over 1000 acres of private shooting preserve available to work dogs. This includes our own farm which provides over 200 acres right at the kennel, to work with you and your dog out in the field. Using this "hands on" style of training we have found that there are fewer communication problems between the dog and the owner after the trained dog leaves the kennel.


Cerda-Fied Gundogs is known for rehabilitating dogs that have not produced for the traditional trainers, who rely on e-collars and the whip stick, for every phase of training. If you have a problem dog, or one that has been washed out by a trainer with a harsher style of training, don't give up. Give us a call, we may be able to help.  Jon Cerda, owner of Cerda-Fied Gun dogs, a division of Cerda-Fied Group Enterprises, has more than 35 years of professional gun dog training experience.  Jon is a full time, year around, professional trainer who shows extreme patience with some of the more challenged dogs.


"Raising and training dogs has always been a big part of the Cerda family for as far back as I

 can remember. My first dogs included anything from Gun dogs to German Shepherds . As a child

 I was amazed at how fast dogs would respond to my attempts at training.  One of the things

that I found early in my "training career" is that dogs would respond to a friendly command,

measured discipline, and repetition, quicker than a harsh style of training. We have found that this

is one of the reasons that we have had such a high rate of success."

- Jon Cerda, Cerda-Fied Gundogs


Easy to handle, personal, gun dogs are Cerda-Fied Gundogs specialty. Our program is flexible so that each dog receives the type of training that will be the most productive for its particular temperament. We evaluate each dog for up to 7-10 days. If your dog is a pointing dog we first check for natural desire and pointing ability. This time is spent on live and frozen birds and, short training sessions to evaluate whether or not the dog has the potential to become a suitable gun dog. We do not believe in obedience training for a month or more only to find out your dog has no usable pointing instinct. If the dog passes the evaluation, we begin the gun dog training process immediately.  Not only do the dogs receive training, but the owner will also get step by step, closely monitored instruction time, to train with the dog out in actual field conditions.


Cerda-Fied Gundogs operates Sunrise Kennel LLC, which is a state of the art facility, with indoor/outdoor, heated and cooled dog runs. We have a large attached administration/clubhouse area in which to relax and share your favorite dog tales.

Cerda-Fied Gun dogs trains all breeds of dogs, from high-powered gun dogs, to obedience training well-mannered family dogs.



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Call for a reservation today as we only accept the number of dogs that we can work on a regular basis. Dogs are worked Monday through Friday and shown individually to owners every other Saturday, or weekdays by appointment. Other Saturdays may include client/ dog group training days by special appointment.


 It is part of our program, that if you live within a few hours drive time, that you come out to work your dog every 2 to 3 weeks as time permits. Obviously we don't expect that from our long distance clients. Please note that unscheduled visits will cut into another dogs training time. All weekend visits must be scheduled in advance. Weekday visits must be scheduled at least one day in advance. Please do not call  on the same day you want to visit, as daily schedules are set late each evening. (Sundays are set aside for family time and church.)


Exceptions can be made on admission for training, but depending on the time of year, we suggest that you call in advance for training reservations.